Sewer and Stormwater Upgrades

sewer, storm water upgrades and drainage moves 

These consist of upgrading old ceramic pipe pre-1980 with new PVC pipe which is joined together using PVC solvents glue primer. This is a much better water-tight joint made to last and has the advantage of keeping tree roots from entering the drainage joints.

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Inspection & replacement of sewer mains

We upgrade drainpipes for many reasons and these include:

  • drains that don't have enough fall or grade
  • drains that are full of tree roots
  • drains with displaced joints (movement in the pipe)
  • drains that are cracked or broken
  • drainpipes that are not wide enough in diameter to do the job they are supposed to do

Keeping drains in good condition is important as it prevents blockages and other issues that could be costly in the future.

This is a big part of our work at Digga Drain as we travel all over Auckland, including the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, upgrading sewer and storm water drains. 

We also upgrade drains where our clients have completed a renovation or a new build where the drain needs to be moved or increased in size. This can be drains that need to be moved for construction requirements where a pool is being intstalled, or to divert the drain as well as upgrading the drain itself.

Another situation where we might upgrade a drain would be if a client is putting down a new drivway and the old drain is beneath the driveway. In this case we would bypass this old (ceramic) drain and install a new PVC constructed drain which prevents the need to cut up the new driveway sometime in the future, to make a repair or even replace the hole drain which could be very costly.

We use only New Zealand approved materials from our trusted suppliers like Reece, Chesters and Plumbing Word.

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Other Services

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